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I got some of these pots of treasure a few months ago to play wth .. and I love them. I like to mix them with my acrylic waxes to give pearlescent tints to the wax when it is applied.

You can also add them to any of your other water based mediums or paints for a similar effect - just tip a small amount of powder in and mix it up

They can also be used with the included Perfect Medium (a clear wet base) to achieve purer colour effects

Recipes and ideas in the package - includes 4 pots of powders, two brushes - a fatty and a thinny, plus some Perfect Medium

Specially developed with a built-in resin for creating pearlescent effects wet or dry.

Subtle shimmer I would say ..  rather than full on glitter - lovely

I'm starting with Patina .. cos it's my favourite. If we like them, I'll get some other sets too

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