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These beautifully coloured acrylic paints come in a squidgy bottle with incredibly useful sponge dabber applicator on top.

They are just brilliant for when you are out and about or away from home as they are a great stay clean way of using acrylic

Since discovering them - I use them more than any other paint in my sketchbooks as they are such a clean application. I love to mix them with gelatos on the page, and then smear and scrape the colours around

Good mixed with gesso too for a more opaque covering

Also great to use direct through stencils and on stamps

I like to add a little water to make them a tad more runny - experiment and see what you like

When the bottle is empty - DON'T THROW IT AWAY!! fill it up with some fabric paint and then label - now you have a fabric paint you can use in the same way

I currently have two ranges:

Adirondack - these are now discontinued (booo) so I have only a limited stock which I got for an excellent price .. but when they are gone - they are gone. Top quality and a great way of trying them out  and for then refilling with fabric paint

Ranger - these should all be repeatable - but probably not at this price ... again I am passing on the discount I received to you

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