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Many metallic waxes are turps based and many metallic powders are toxic and you need to wear a mask when using .. which is a pain and puts me off .. I like to know I am safe when I am playing

This lovely wax is water based and non toxic .. water and soap clean up, so no worries

Can be used on many surfaces, including paper, ceramics, card, wood and canvas ..  and the paste-like texture allows a controlled application for precise results

It dries quickly and is smudge resistant when dry

Use the wax for a full colour effect or create metallic accents on raised and textured areas


Apply with a sponge, small brush or fingers and then buff up to as much shine as you want

Can also be mixed with water or my acrylic waxes to make a beautiful metallic paint, that can again be buffed

And try adding a little into the mix when playing with gelatos, dabbers paint or dye .. to achieve shimmering metallic areas

Good fun and good value

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