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These are bespoke paints mixed by Hilary to give you a gorgeous range of usable colours, in a good choice of sizes. 50 mls are great for trying out a colour and yet will give you alot of but is still a decent amount of paint to play with. For those of us who are addicted - the 100mls and 200ml bottles are cost-effective ways of building up a collection of your favourite colours.

This is an artists range created by an artist - so you have both warm and cool primary colours, plus white, grey and black for make tints, tones and shades respectively. There are then large ranges of other colours, all hand mixed to create soft, yet vibrant colour

They are bottled in flip top pots, which allow precise and clean pouring of paint without any waste or sticking lids!

These paints are fully opaque and will stand up well to adding dye over the top, and are also perfect for using on dark as well as light fabrics and papers

This an acrylic based fabric paint and is washable at 40 degrees after heat fixing with an iron. They are also wonderful paints for painting and printing on paper

Each bespoke mix is labeled with a batch number on the base of the pot and instructions for fixing

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