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Please select postage option for online courses to avoid minimum postage cost. If you forget - or are abroad - we will refund so don't worry!!

Weekly live streams with Hilary - each covering anything and everything – in a fun accessible and interactive way. We will focus on textiles, journals, creative art, and mixed media ... but I imagine other crafty things may creep in too. 

Streams will be on Saturdays at 10am and each stream will last  60 - 90 mins (possibly occasionally a bit longer if we get over excited) 

You will be enrolled in a private Facebook group and all streams will be delivered there. They will remain in the group as videos and you will have access to them after the live stream and for as long as you stay part of the group. So you can re-watch and revisit things as often as you wish, whilst you are an active subscriber

Subscriptions are monthly - £10 for one calendar months membership. Or you can join for a full year for £100 (two months free). You can join for as long as you wish and leave and re-join as well if you want a break!! At the beginning of each month, the purchase here will change to the following month. So if you want to stay a member, just purchase the next month. We will send reminders if your subscription is going to expire – just in case you’ve forgotten!!

You will need to be on facebook and friends with me so I can add you to a private group. If you don’t know how to do this, please get in touch and we can guide you through the process. Its very safe and no-one can see what is in our group. It’s our own happy and colourful world. You can share images and updates about what you are doing in the group if you wish, or just be a quiet member and enjoy what others are doing and the streams

Do contact us if anything is unclear. Hope you will come and join me

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